Recipe of the month


Almond soup is very healthy and rich in flavour and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. The ingredients and method of preparation is given below.

Almond Soup

Ingredients — Almonds: ½ cup, vegetable stock: 1 cup, milk: 1 cup, corn flour: 1 teaspoon, black/white pepper powder: a pinch, salt: to taste and roasted almonds: 1 tablespoon

Process — Powder the almonds smoothly. Add half cup milk to the powder and boil it, strain the liquid and keep aside. In the remaining half of milk add corn flour. Keep this liquid on the gas and heat in low flame. Keep it stirring continuously to avoid burning. Then add mashed boiled vegetables to it. Once it thickens remove from heat and strain it .Blend both the mixtures and add all the spices except roasted almonds. Serve yummy and nutritious soup after sprinkling roasted almonds on top. We can garnish it with a layer of fresh cream.

Sweet Porridge (Daliya)

In this cold weather, where the spine is chilling with cold breeze, hot and sweet porridge serves a great relief and proves to be very healthy in the mornings. Daliya (sweet porridge) is favourite among all age groups.

Ingredients — Daliya: 1 cup, water- one and a half cup, milk: one cup, cardamom (ilaichi): 2 pieces, almonds, cashews and pistas (unsalted), honey, jaggery or sugar: to taste, salt: a pinch and saffron: a few strands.

Process — Put daliya, salt, ghee and the milk and water in a saucepan and boil slowly. Add crushed pods of cardamom and saffron. Boil gently for 20 minutes till daliya is cooked properly and to the desired consistency. Keep on stirring the boiling daliya to avoid burning. If you are using jaggery or sugar, stir that through now. Top it with chopped pistas, cashews and almonds. Drizzle honey over the top (optional). We can use chopped fruits even to make it more delicious. Serve in a delightful dish. Meenakshi


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