To Our Readers

We welcome our readers and patrons to the world of BJ, which has the distinction of being first magazine on internet exclusively on Bihar and Jharkhand. It has been designed as a social magazine on internet to cater to the needs, hopes and aspiration of the people of the twin states. Despite their golden cultural heritage, abundant natural resources and vast work force of men and women, they have remained at the bottom of the ladder of economic growth and development. Large labour force migrates to other states for eking out a living. Their blood-sweat and toil go to fill the coffers of other states but they continue to remain migrants. Their wives and children are left back home to wait endlessly for their return. The BJ will strive to project hopes and aspiration; ecstasy and pangs of the people as faithfully as possible. It will also mirror their rich cultural heritage and struggle to catch up with other developed states. Ours is a working democracy. No periodicals or newspapers can afford to turn a Nelson’s eye to political parties and politics. There will be unbiased political reports and comments. The new generation of young men and women will have the prime place. It shall strive to encompass, every month, the two states in entirety. The ten commandment of the BJ will be as follows:

  1. Prime place shall be accorded to youth and women.
  2. The twin states have ever been a mine of talented youth force. Education and sports shall occupy pivotal place in this net magazine.
  3. We shall not falter in fight social injustices and malpractices in government functioning.
  4. Lively reports and comments on resurgent Bihar and Jharkhand by a team of mature journalists and commentators will be there.
  5. A pen picture of cultural and social events shall be our speciality. The BJ shall also carry true stories on crime and old beliefs that go beyond the parameters of modern science and thinking.
  6. Problems nagging the people of twin states will be focussed.
  7. Personal columns, like matrimonial information, achievers, etc. will be there.
  8. All reports and comments will be unbiased and faithful in this reader friendly journal.
  9. Woman and child achievers will find special coverage.
  10. A group of dedicated journalists shall decorate every page of the BJ

Film, drama, astrology and entertainment shall be there to make this journal a reader’s pride. Sky shall be the limit. Readers’ views, suggestions and comments will help us to chisel the periodical. We shall endeavour to prove equal to your expectations. Your feed back will be our elixir to enrich the BJ Send email to
site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.


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